Canada Realty Listing FAQ

Is listing my property really free?

Yes, you can list one private FSBO property listing for free.

I am getting account access error stating "
that my email address should be unique".

This error means that you have already registered your account email for listing  your property on the website but have not verified your email. If you do not verify your email, the system will not let you list your property. There is a very good chance that the verification email more than likely ended up in your spam folder. Once you verify your email in the database, you are then taken directly to your account where you can immediately list your property. 

How long does it take for my property listing to appear?

Due to the problem of spam submission, all property listings are reviewed and may take between 5 minutes and 24 hours. In many new listings we have to edit the listing when the user submits incorrect or insufficient data or uploads home images into the incorrect image sections. Any required editing for property listings will delay the activation of listing.

What is "
insufficient Data".

Insufficient Data refers mostly to property address and GPS for google maps. It is best to use your full address in order for google maps to locate your property accurately.
I have entered my property listing and uploaded images. My property images are not displaying in my property listing?

If property images are not displaying, then you have uploaded images into the wrong section and will also delay activation of your listing.

There are three sections to add images into your listing:

Image section 1: Property Plan Drawings (schematics)

This upload section is for uploading drawings from engineering firms. You can upload up to five drawing images or files including PDF. This section is optional.

Image section 2: Personal Photo

This image upload is for personal photo and optional.

Image section 3:  Property Image Upload Section

Simple click on the "Add Files" to start uploading your property images. You can upload unlimited property images. You can also upload PDF files.

I do not want my phone number listed with my listing advertisement. How do I remove my personal phone number?

If you do not want your personal phone number displayed with your listing, simply go into your profile and remove your phone number and will not be displayed with your listing.

Why has my ad been suspended?

Listings are normally suspended if they are considered over posting, have inappropriate content or not accepted under the free listings. Please refer to the other questions for a definition of over posting and what is not accepted under the free listings. also reserves the right to reject any classified listing at any time. The removal of an ad is at the sole discretion of it will be removed without notice and cannot be disputed.

Can I list my property located outside of Canada?

No, the Canada Realty website is for property listings in Canada only. Properties listed outside of Canada will be deleted from the system.

How may properties can I list?

Private sellers can only list one property maximum.

Can realtors or brokers list properties?

Sorry, this property listing database is for independent private sellers only.

What is considered over posting?

Over posting refers posting more than one private property ad and also applies to opening multiple accounts to achieve any of the previous conditions. When a moderator sees over posting they will suspended the listings that are considered over posting and if applicable re-activate a previous listing. In the case of multiple accounts a moderator may suspended all of user accounts.

I posted a listing and I can no longer find it online? reserves the right to reject any classified listing at any time. The removal of an ad is at the sole discretion of; it will be removed without notice and cannot be disputed.

My property is located in the country and cannot place the google map location to exact location of my property?

If your property location icon is not set correctly to your property, you can view location using street view by pulling the 'pegman' to your approximate location. You can then set the correct location by moving the location icon to the appropriate location.

How do I list my services in the showroom?

We offer showroom listings that include logo placements and map location. The cost of showroom listing is 90.00/year and includes company name, logo, map view location and contact form. accepts advertisements from Real Estate Attorneys, Property Movers, Property Contractors and Skilled Trades.